How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

When I last checked in I was about to start my last placement of third year. And now, here I am, about to start my first placement of fourth year. I never thought I’d see this day. Back in first year, even making it to clinicals seemed impossibly far away. Now the finish line is in sight!

Not sure what I have to say, what I have to update… Third year was definitely my favourite year of medical school thus far.

I loved loved LOVED my time away on peripheral. It was a good, safe (distraction free!!) place to study. There were plenty of countryside walks, wildflower appreciation sessions, local pub drinks and girls nights.


And a change I made towards the end of the acad year was to take Sundays off to rest and pursue God. I was convicted some time into my third placement that setting aside one day a week was not just a casual suggestion from the bible, but something that’s actually highlighted as important.

I guess the really pursuing after Him didn’t always happen, but I loved and lived for my Sundays Fundays. It was I think the best academic/life decision I’ve made so far. Even the weekend before my exams or osces, I was taking the time out to actively chill – by which I mean I tidied my house, met and spent quality time with friends, slept in, served more in church. There were moments, I suppose, I felt a bit guilty about not making use of the extra 8 hours I could use to study. But it made me more productive on Saturdays (no more procrastination! Or less…?) and I went back into Mondays recharged and way more productive. Rest is important. Rest is good. And I had good conversations with friends who were shocked/impressed/amazed that I would do Z E R O work on Sundays, which led to me sharing about my reasons for doing it. So it led to deeper conversations as well. 🙂

Fourth year is long and daunting but actually, He comes and gives me joy joy joy. I was praying about this season of my life and the ‘themes’ of it/asking God what He was doing in my life at this time. He usually tells me things like ‘(bringing you) freedom from fear’ or ‘(I’m laying the) right foundations’. But this time He simply said ‘Do you trust Me?’. Mind blown. He’s a good Father, One who desires a relationship, Who calls us into conversation. He doesn’t simply demand or instruct me to ‘trust Him’, instead He challenges me and wants me to respond and draw close.

I believe, help my unbelief



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