cry of my heart. Isaiah 61.

Off to my peripheral rotation and the last one for this academic year in two days. I’ll be doing chest (made out of cardio, resp and ENT). My love/passion for medicine still wanes especially when I need to study but I’ve really loved seeing my knowledge come together and feel like it’s actually useful. I’ve been soooo good recently honestly it’s scary. A part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop. God’s been speaking so much – working on the past, unrooting deep hurts, but also – giving me joy in the wait. Contentment unlike any other. He’s teaching me to change my perspective, He’s even helping me work through issues I NEVER expected to deal with now. Community has also been good, both in church and uni. I’m feeling settled 🙂

Something I heard today: “be interested, not interesting” and “be a ‘there you are’ not ‘here I am’ person”. Also been thinking about how (this was originally said in the context of dating but I think it applies anywhere) instead of trying to impress others, we should try to bless. So true!

I spent 5 days recently in Malta and it was so nice and chill. I really needed it. Henley as usual was beautiful. I still can’t believe I’ve got 10 weeks to go till exams. I should start studying I guess? Hahaha. This year really feels like a marathon. But how would I know, I don’t even run, let alone run a marathon.



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