Dear Reader,

I hope 2016 has found you well so far. I can’t believe March is here. Already seeing the daffies and crocuses in the ground, and magnolias with their heavenly scents on an otherwise barren tree… Spring is coming and I can’t wait.

The rain and the petals on the ground just reminds me of this Ezra Pound classic – In a Station of the Metro

“The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.”

My latest placement is over in a week (!!) – I can’t believe it myself.

It’s been a pretty intense term, and I’ve felt like quitting on medicine… at least 5 times? But the moment I talk to a patient or examine a patient or hear a doctor explain something while I watch, I fall in love with it all over again. And am so grateful that God would put this calling in my heart and then allow me to live it out.

My student selected module this term is on the Doctor in Literature and it’s been a step towards reconciling the two sides of me (well, two “opposing” sides of the many sides of me. I am a dodecagon. But also a blob.) We’ve looked at Chekhov, Bulgakov, William Carlos Williams (my man. This is Just to Say that ‘Asphodel, That Greeny Flower’ is A DREAM and anyone who wrote me a poem like that would have my heart forever), Conan Doyle, Oliver Sacks etc.. We’ve had to write a short story as part of our assessment and writing seems to have birthed a yet-to-be defined-in-words dream in my heart. Watch this space, perhaps?

Psych rotation this term has also been wonderful. It’s been an absolute privilege to train at one of the top psychiatric hospitals in the world (if not the top…).

Besides that, this has been a time of walking through and working through lots of things with God. He is so faithful and His timing is perfect (repeat to self ad nauseam because I ALWAYS FORGET THIS). It’s a season of uprooting and dealing with deep, deep, d e e p wounds and laying the right foundations instead. I can also tell you that it is not very fun. But I’m learning what it means to truly step into my identity as His child.

Ok it’s late TIME2SLEEP.

Be good eggs




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