A crack in the door

it’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees….

there’s a garish plastic one sitting in my living room. (Confession: it’s been there since mid-November because CHRISTMAS)

Dear reader,

I hope you’ve been well. Happy to report that there are 3 weeks of term left to go, and it’s been fun all this time. Also an update: I TOOK BLOODS!!! YEAH!!!

I’m currently churning out an essay for my SSC (with a presentation this Thursday and grand rounds next week) but of course that means productive procrastination by way of a post here.

I’ve just come off my second Student Weekend Away with my church and I’ve absolutely loved it this year. Really needed it, in fact. Funny how in a year so much has changed. Last year I was pretty much in the a pity pit that looked like this


The term will be busy right up to the very last day, but I’ve got a Christmas break that, for the first time in 3 years I won’t have any exams in January to prepare for! It’ll be a very brief spell back in Sunny Singapore but I’m looking forward to being able to fully relax and take it all in. By it I mean food.

Check in with you in 2016 (THAT IS CRAZY)


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