You go before me

It’s been a hectic, crazy and yet immensely wonderful week. Currently waging war with my printer that has gone absolutely berserk. I don’t think I’ve managed to print a single lecture where the slides didn’t run back to front or in different orders on different pages or upside down on different sides………………. #adulthood

I started lectures on Monday, then had to cook for 35 people as part of a grub crawl with CU. I managed to find an incredibly enthusiastic side of myself that genuinely enjoyed approaching and talking to new people. And general freshers events.

Remember some time back when I talked about an opportunity to lead and serve presenting itself and me being afraid to take it? I decided to do it, and not once have I regretted that decision. Excited to be leading CMF this year alongside one of my fave people ever :’) Sometimes only looking back can I see what God was doing when He closed certain doors. Some of those slamming in my face still sting a little, but when I think about fulfilling His purpose in me and my purpose for Him I get !!!! excited !

Another week ahead of more lectures, and more intensive ones at that. Trying to remember things from first year is frankly quite difficult. Really looking forward to clinics, and back to routines and this new season and stepping out into the light and on and on and all that bright and shiny stuff



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