A life less ordinary

trite or twee as that sounds, that’s what I want.

I’m in Singapore now, fresh (sweaty???? humid??? hair in full Hagrid-Hermione mode?) from a gruelling three (perhaps more like two…) months of revision and exams and more exams. So thankful for the different people who got me through those stressful weeks; honestly would not have passed or stayed sane without people to revise with, who would teach me, and who I motivate by sending corgi pictures to. All equally important stuff, tbh. Had a lovely week in Greece not doing much but relaxing and reading and that was so necessary – this year has been good academically (praise God for His abundant grace and never failing promises), but just so tough in other ways.

and so now I’m back in Singapore, the next 7 weeks stretching ahead like a blank slate. All my summer plans have fallen through or just not quite worked out 😦 it’s not only frustrating but also not helping this feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life. Anyway~ it’s time to take stock of my life – I really feel like I’ve not been a very good friend this year, instead focusing on me and my 100 problems and feeling sorry that friends aren’t making effort with me, or friendships are drifting away, but it always takes two to clap. That said, some friendships are at such a good place now – I’ve had such great, deep, conversations over the past few weeks. And so back to living ‘a life less ordinary’. Haha seeing that my parents most definitely stalk this 😡 , let’s just leave it at – that’s what I really yearn for. And I’m starting to learn how to count the cost of following Jesus, no matter how crazy that looks, and no matter what people say.

Also gearing up for being a student leader with Christian Medical Fellowship. I’m so excited to see what God’s got planned there 🙂 My lovely friend who is leading it with me next year is coming for her elective in Singapore soon and all our planning sessions so far have been really exciting! We’ve set ourselves a reading list including John Wyatt’s Matters of Life and Death.

I know I’ve been MIA (back down the rabbit hole into a world of my own, again) but maybe this time~


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