Dear Reader,

I hope life is treating you well, sorry I’ve been quite absent amidst studying. I wasn’t planning to write until exams were done, but it’s Easter, I’m (shockingly??!) ahead of my study schedule so I decided to write something quickly.


Exams are in less than a month, and I officially finished my first year of medical school lessons last week. It’s still really surreal; part of me feels like I’m 17 and living alone abroad for the first time… (Or 8 years old and running around in green bloomers 😉 ) Can’t believe I’ve been taught about half the theoretical knowledge I’ll need to be a doctor? Key word of that last sentence was taught of course, understanding/absorbing/retaining is quite a different matter altogether.

Thank you for following me through this year so far hahaha if by follow I mean ‘read my sporadic posts’.

The proposed guest blogger was busy studying for her MSc to write one but she drew me a very accurate and uplifting diagram to put on my wall.


“A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”

Happy happy happy Easter; I’ve been so busy and far from God recently, only running to Him in cries of desperation and sadness when life is too much like a pathless wood – but chancing upon The Passion of Christ in Trafalgar on Good Friday (I didn’t even stop to watch, was rushing for fooood) just filled me up with tears. Unworthy me, thought of by You on the cross when You took all my sins and shame. 

In this time of studying and stress, let me never get my priorities wrong, and let me always look to You and the cross. 



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