The Art of Medicine

I know, I know, this isn’t a proper post. (as if you all were waiting around eagerly… Only Max!!!)

But here’s some cool finds from teh interwebz over the past week or so!

I would love to have these in my future home 😀

1. Embroidered X-Rays by Matthew Cox 




Flowers and X-rays, what’s not to like? Hehe I actually just had a lecture on x-rays this morning that I slept through 60% of. Cox says of his work “Redefinition motivates me to create my embroidered x-rays. The stark clash of two such divergent materials, cloth and plastic, is the simple catalyst. One tactile and labor intensive, the other technical, and quickly a finished product. There’s a wide historical context, one ancient, decorative, and artisanal, the other contemporary and devoid of aesthetic intention. By simply placing one of these materials on top of the other the understood purpose of each is redefined.”

2. Histology Prints


Thick Section of the lung. I’ve also started Histology lab sessions and (quite surprisingly) am really enjoying myself! I think I was looking at a slide of the sole of a foot and I found it really pretty. (side note: many people I’ve met think I’m bimbotic, I don’t know what I’ve done to convey that, perhaps it’s my self-deprecating humour and inability to convey sarcasm in a sarcastic voice/in general me being a class A klutz, but I don’t think gushing about ‘pretty slides’ makes it any better… #TOOBAD #HATERZGONHATE) The colours were intense, vibrant red, with soft pastels and abstract lines (not that abstract! I can identify them!!). I kind of feel like the above print seems like the topographical view of a river and its associated deltas etc.

This human kidney histology (I almost said histogram?!?!) print is also equally gorgeous.


Continuing on that note, how would you like to eat off a testicle?

Oops, I mean, eat off a plate with the print of a micrograph of a testicle. (the word micrograph makes A LOT of difference)

3. Histology Dessert Plates 



Emily Evans has produced a set of 4 dessert plates with real human tissue micrographs obtained from Michelle Spear, Clinical Anatomist at Cambridge University.

I like the oesophagus one the most, unfortunately, I’m a broke student living in uni accommodation… But here’s the one piece of medically-related art I do own, and it is my absolute favourite!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe my best-bro painted this, acrylic on canvas paper, for me. I love it so much I won’t stop gushing hahaha. He’s quite the artist! He actually did it when I first left for the UK, and the heart/lungs were to represent both life/passion and my dream of doing medicine, while the bird is for freedom, and the lightning bolt was how he saw God’s power coming into my life (correct me if I remember incorrectly???). Flowers were for the beauty in my life (maybe I just completely made that all up and the flowers were just cos he knows how much I love them…). And it was meant to be a farewell present that would remind me to work for my dreams. It’s currently in my room, and this painting is for sure gonna follow me for the rest of my medical days!


(daz me with it :-)) I’m not sure where you can check out his other works of art though…. but I’m glad to say I own a Sy Chia original 😉

Thank you for reading, and I hope I’ll be back soon with a better update!


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